Q: I'm a Solo Teacher with a Paid account--how can I change my account's payment information?

A: The My Information area is where you can adjust a number of settings for your account, including your Subscription information.

To access your Subscription area, just go to your Avatar Menu (if you uploaded a profile picture to your PowerSchool Learning account, this is your avatar. if you didn't, this will be a bonsai tree icon.). 

2016-09-21 15_34_36-PowerSchool Learning _ My Classes.png

In that menu, select Subscription. This will take you to a page that shows some info about your account, as well as displays the different account levels available and the one you've chosen. 

To update or change your payment information, find the change card link and click it. 

2016-09-21 15_41_50-_[Untitled]-1.0 (RGB color, 2 layers) 576x247 – GIMP.png

You will see a form where you can enter your payment information again. Once you do this, just click Submit and you're good to go! Your next charge will be drawn from the new credit card you just entered!