Q. I'm not getting any Notifications from my PowerSchool Learning Classes, what can I do to make sure that I'm getting these?

A. While there isn't a single step to make sure that you're receiving your Notifications, there are a few troubleshooting steps that you might want to explore. There might be a setting in PowerSchool Learning, your Email Server, or even your Email Client that is preventing Notifications.

These are the items that are great to investigate:

  • Verify your Account's Notification settings
  • Check your SPAM filter settings
  • Make sure that the Class has Notifications enabled
  • Have you logged into PowerSchool Learning at least once?
  • Is your email address confirmed?

Read on for instructions on each of these items!

Verify your Account's Notification settings

Let's start by making sure that your Account's Notification settings are matching your expectations. You can check these settings by logging into your PowerSchool Learning account and selecting your Avatar icon > Notifications


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Check your SPAM filter settings

Notification emails are sent to you from a noreply email address. These sorts of emails can sometimes get caught in SPAM filters, so make sure to add the Notification Email Address to your approved list to make sure that you receive all Email Notifications.

Note: Check your Notification Settings for the noreply email address for your account. If you have a PowerSchool Learning Domain account the address will look something like noreply@YOURDOMAIN.learning.powerschool.com

Make sure that the Class has Notifications enabled

You'll want to reach out to your Class Instructor to complete this step, as teachers can turn off Page Content Notifications for their classes. If your teacher has done this, you won't be able to receive Page Content Notifications for that class, even if everything else is setup properly!

Have you logged into PowerSchool Learning at least once?

In order to receive any Notifications, you'll have to have logged into your account at least once. Accounts that have never been accessed won't receive any Notifications until the owner of the account logs in.

Is your email address confirmed?

Make sure that the email address that is connected to your account in PowerSchool Learning has been confirmed. Without a confirmed email address, we can't send any Email Notifications (since it could end up with someone else!). Check this in your My Information area, which is under the avatar menu that's always in the top-right corner of your screen!