How do I add a Google Doc to a Files Block?

Q. How do I add a Google Doc to a File Block? 


A. When creating a File Block through the Add Content Block menu, use the Choose from My Google Drive option to upload Documents, Sheets, Drawings and other resources from your Google Drive. 


Please note: This feature is only available to School & District Edition domains of PowerSchool Learning that have integrated with G Suite for Education.



  1. Select the Add Content Block button on any Page in your class to get started.
  2. Select the Files block type. 
  3. Give your File Block a Title, and choose where you'd like it to land on the page using the Block placement option, then hit Next.
  4. Select the Attach from Google Drive option.

  5. Search for and click your desired Google Doc, then hit Select to add it to the block. 
  6. Choose the Share Mode for this Document, and hit Upload, or continue adding files through the Attach From Google Drive and Attach buttons. 

    READ ONLY will give students a link to a public version of the document, which they can view.
    PDF creates a static PDF version of the document. Students will be able to download their own copy of the document to their device.
    COMMENT allows Students and Teachers to view and add comments to the document.
    COLLABORATE allows Students and Teachers to view and edit the document collaboratively.
  7. Give your new Files Block a Description, or Add more files, then hit Save to publish the block.
  8. And that's it! The Files block should appear on the Page, linking to any Google Docs you have added. 



Are you an Independent Teacher Account user, or a teacher at a school that does not currently use G Suite?  Find out how to add other files to your Files block