How can I connect my PowerSchool Learning account to my Google account?

Q: How can I connect my PowerSchool Learning account to my Google account?


A: Connecting your PowerSchool Learning and Google accounts is simple, and allows you to easily sign in to PowerSchool Learning using just your Google account information. Just follow these quick steps to connect your accounts! 


*Note: This article is intended for users with Individual PowerSchool Learning accounts. If you have a School or District Domain account, please be in touch with a PowerSchool Learning Administrator at your school for more information.

First, check your My Information area make sure that your Primary Email Address is the Google email address that you want to connect to your PowerSchool Learning account. (Click here if you're not sure how to check or edit your Primary Email Address).


Once you've verified that the email address associated with your PowerSchool account is your Google email address, log out of PowerSchool Learning.


Then, go to the sign in page at mylearning.powerschool.comHere, instead of entering your username and password, you'll click "Sign in with Google." Sign into your Google account, then click Allow to allow Google to access your PowerSchool Learning account.


Then you'll see the following message.



Just enter your PowerSchool Learning username and password one more time.


On the next screen, you'll be asked if you want to connect your PowerSchool Learning account to your Google account. You do, so click Connect my Accounts



That's all it takes! From now on, you'll just click Sign in with Google and enter your Google login information to sign in to your PowerSchool Learning account.

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