Linking Multiple Rosters To One Section In A Class

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Linking Multiple Rosters To One Section In A Class

My Unified Arts teachers have recently started linking multiple rostered sections from our SIS to ONE Section in their Master Class.  "Someone" in our district has been telling them that this is... "the way to go." because they teach 10 plus sections of the same class.  In my mind... alarm bells are going off and I'm thinking there are more problems to be had by doing it this way.

One... if the teacher is emailing the roster from the class page instead of Unified Classroom (I have to imagine this is the reason behind wanting 200+ students in one section's roster!) they may misinform rostered sections of due dates.  This happened to one poor little girl in our district who was getting grounded because she was telling her parents that she had submitted everything due (and according to her UC calendar she had!) but the teacher was using the Monday classes due date and emailing the entire roster, Monday-Friday.

Two... I have to think having that many students in a section will slow the system down.  Yes? No? Or Elementary librarian emailed me, asking me to override the max sections allowed to link so he could put all 4 grades he taught (10 sections per grade) into 1 section!!! I found this isn't something I as admin have the power to do, so... there has to be a reason that PowerSchool set this cap.  I told him if he HAD to put them into giant sections to do one section per grade level (200-250 students per section).

My question is... are they ok doing this?  Am I overthinking it and worrying too much?  I've just seen so many issues during remote learning revolving around traffic/volume and file size to content that I feel linking that many sections can't be good.

I'm hoping someone can give me either evidence as to why they should NOT be doing it... or some assurances that it will not do any harm if they do.

Anyone have any insight?

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Re: Linking Multiple Rosters To One Section In A Class

Hi @VictoriaP,


Thank you for reaching out to PowerSchool Community with your concern!


Linkage in PowerSchool Learning Master Classes should be one PS SIS section per section in the Master Class.  A regular Class like the one you're describing with 200-250 Students per Section is not recommended. We recommend a Role-Based Roster as Information Classes per Grade level.  A workaround to link Sections to Role-Based Roster Classes to create large regular Classes is not recommended as well.


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