How to add a Comment box to an ePortfolio?


How to add a Comment box to an ePortfolio?

Feedback from students' parents, teachers, and advisors is important to their growth.  We would like to enable the ability for peers and adults to add Comments to a student's ePortfolio, but it is not an option in the Add Content Block menu.


I've considered using a 3rd party tool via Embed the Web, but these resources are often not FERPA compliant, and they require each student to create an account and navigate a lengthy setup.  I've also looked at embedding a shared Google Doc, but it would live on the student's Drive, and they could delete comments they don't like.


Is there a native method within PSL to embed a Discussion or Comment section in the ePortfolio that I'm missing?



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Re: How to add a Comment box to an ePortfolio?

Hi Mellisa


Thank you for reaching out to the PowerSchool Community about comments on ePortfolios.


Though there is not a way to allow comments on ePortfolios, we do have that option in our WikiProjects. You can create a class, group, or individual wikiproject and choose to allow peer review where other students can add comments. Additionally, pages from those wikiprojects can then be copied into an ePortfolio. Is this something you’d like to test out and share your thoughts on whether it will work for your class?


Look forward to your response.



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