Groups vs. Sections


Groups vs. Sections

Hello!  We have courses that have been linked via an API.  In some classes (for example our 5th grade drams/music elective) they are all registered as one class but then break into sections for part of the semester. Linking with the API seems to restrict the creating of roster sections. Since the teachers have been working with the course for awhile (and students have handed in assignments, etc), they would like to keep the students on the original course page. There doesn't seem to be a way to unlink a linked roster from the API.


My question is, if we divided the students into groups, is it possible to publish assignments and events only to specific groups the way you would do for different sections? Or, has anyone figured out a workaround? With our little ones, we like to have them only see the assignments that pertain to them in their calendar feed.


Thank you!

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert



Assignments and Announcements can only be published to specific Sections within a Master Class.

The Group feature on PowerSchool Learning is designed for WikiProjects or Class Discussions.


You can learn more about the difference between a Roster Section and a Group here.


We recommend sharing your requirement as a feature request directly with our PowerSchool Learning product team in the  PowerSchool Ideas Portal.  You can also search for similar ideas and upvote them to show your support.  A guide on how to search, vote, and submit suggestions on the Ideas Portal can be found here.


We encourage our community members to share any workarounds that may have worked for them.

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PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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