Can't change individual course banner


Can't change individual course banner

Hello!   A number of my colleagues and I have had the following problem.  We try to change the banner for our class pages, and receive the following error message:  There were errors saving the theme.    For some, repeated tries do the trick, for others, no such luck.  Has anyone else had this problem and have they had any luck fixing it?


Many thanks!


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Hello @eli_montes!


Thank you for your post! I have confirmed that Support is aware of this issue. We encourage any other members who have encountered this issue to post their experiences here.


Additionally, feel free to initiate a new support ticket either as an individual teacher or through your admin. Support tickets can be created via the Help menu inside of your PowerSchool Learning account. Be sure to provide specific details, such as classes where this is happening, teachers who are affected, etc., which may assist Support as they continue to troubleshoot this issue.


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Having the exact same issue, any fixes yet?

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Hi @MDeFore,


Thank you for letting us know you are seeing the same issue. Since this is a technical support topic, we do recommend that you reach out directly to our Learning support team where they track updates on any current issues. You can create as support request by using your Help menu and selecting Support Form.


We have let our team know that you reached out in our Community. They will be happy to respond and work with you on this as soon as they receive your request.


Thank you for your post!



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This is still happening and it's maddening.  One thing I've noticed is that the header image name cannot have special characters or spaces.

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Hi @DianeN


Thank you for your post.


I have opened a support request on your behalf.


This option is also available to you under your help menu > support form. Our team should be reaching out shortly.


Thank you



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