because of Corona virus, we are closing school for two weeks, and we are using Power Learning for virtual learning, is there a way to track students attendance there, we want to know who logs in and attend?

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Hi @basil_alali


Currently, to track attendance when students log in to access the class pages is not built in the PowerLearning. However, I have provided suggestions below that may help teachers track students' attendance:

  1. The teacher can create an assignment that students can complete each day to show they have accessed the class.
  2. The students can send the teacher a message.
  3. If the teacher is meeting with the students via a video call, the teacher can take attendance and note it on the current attendance page.

Sowmya Karmel
PowerSchool Community Moderator
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We created an assessment with a simple multiple choice, are you here, yes or no. Goes directly into PT Pro. We are going to use it in our final grade also.