Assessment Troubleshooting

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Assessment Troubleshooting

I am having an issue with giving students a 2nd attempt for an assessment. Usually it's no problem, I just change the number of times they can take the assessment. However, today my students were unable to see the second attempt. 


I'm wondering if the issue stems from the fact that I gave them the opportunity to review the answers to the missed questions last week.


Is it that students cannot retake an assessment if they have already reviewed the answers?

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Re: Assessment Troubleshooting

Hello! @catkinson


Your assumption is correct that even though it is possible to allow a student(s) to re-take an assessment but if the student has already looked at the answers, the system forfeits their second attempt. The forfeit could be removed in such a situation by navigating through a few steps.


We have a great Knowledge-based article discussing in detail about the procedure to follow to clear out the forfeit for students to re-appear in an assessment. Please click on the link below.


How can I allow one Student to retake an Assessment? 




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