How do I use the Overview tab under Domain Analytics?

Q. How do I use the Overview tab under Domain Analytics?


A. The Domain Overview tab on your Domain Analytics dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of logins and class activity for your Domain.


There are several important questions you can answer using the Domain Overview tab. Here are a few examples.


How Many People are Logging In?


The Unique Visitors headline is the best way to check quickly whether people are using their accounts. It shows the total number of different people who logged in at least once during the selected date range.


2016-10-12 13_59_09-PowerSchool Learning Domain Control Center.png


If you click on the number of Unique Visitors, you can drill down to see a graph showing how many different people logged in on each day in the selected date range.


Which Accounts and Classes are Being Used the Most?


The Account Activity Summary report and the Class Activity Summary report, both at the bottom of the page, are sorted by default so that the most active Accounts and Classes are listed first.

2016-10-12 13_59_45-PowerSchool Learning Domain Control Center.png


However, if you're interested in identifying the least active Accounts or Classes, you can simply reverse the sort order for these tables by clicking the sort arrows. You can sort these tables by different columns, too: simply mouse over the column and click the sort arrow.


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