How do I manually create and edit accounts in my PowerSchool Learning domain?


Q: How do I manually create and edit accounts in my PowerSchool Learning domain?


A: Domain Administrators can create and edit accounts under the Accounts Tab in Domain Control.


Note: this article is about manually adding and updating accounts in PowerSchool Learning. For information on managing accounts via import, please contact your School Advisor.


To manually create accounts, log in with your admin account, start go to the Accounts Tab, and click the Add Account button.




What you see next may be different depending on your domain’s authentication method.




Authentication Method:


If your domain has enabled Google Apps, you will see an option for either PowerSchool Learning Authentication (where users can log in with a PowerSchool Learning username and password) or Google Apps Single Sign On. Generally, we recommend that Google SSO is managed through import. If you have any questions or are interested in learning about Google Apps and PowerSchool Learning, please contact your School Advisor.




There are two kinds of roles in PowerSchool Learning: Account Roles affect the user's permissions in a PowerSchool Learning domain, while Roster Roles affect a user's permissions in an individual class. Most accounts can be given a number of different roster roles, regardless of their overall account role. When adding a new account, you are specifically setting up a user’s Account Role. For more information, please see our article on roles.


Set Import ID:


Users in PowerSchool Learning can either be controlled via import or manually in PowerSchool Learning. Use this option if you would like to change a manually created user into an imported user.

Note: If you are using Full Imports, once users have an import ID, you must include them in your users.csv import file to make sure they are not deactivated in PowerSchool Learning. Here is a little more information on deactivated users.


Other User Information:


The Username is required and must be unique. Here are some restrictions on usernames in PowerSchool Learning. The other required fields will change depending on your authentication method. First Name and Last Name are always required; for PowerSchool Learning authentication, Password is required, and for Google Apps SSO, the Google ID is required. For additional information on passwords and authentications, please see the list of related articles below.

You also have the option to include a middle name, suffix, nickname, email (which is necessary for Notifications), and Display ID (often used for a school’s student ID). You can also change the account’s Organization or custom fields for any additional information you would like to see displayed in Account Details.


Once all the relevant information is entered for a user, click Save to create the account. The user should now be able to log in to PowerSchool Learning with their login information.


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