Q. How do I use the View by Class tab under Domain Analytics?


A. The View by Class tab lets you view detailed activity statistics on a single class or a group of classes. Use the Class Name filter to select the class or classes you want to view. 




Activity is broken out by Roster Role - that is, the user's role in the particular class you've selected. If a user has different roles in different classes, or has switched roles in a class sometime in the date range you've selected, they may show up more than once in the User Activity Summary.

Note, also, that the Resource Activity Summary is broken down by Resource Name. If you have multiple classes selected and those classes have some resources with identical names, the statistics for those resources will be combined into one row in the Resource Activity Summary report. Similarly, if you have multiple resources with identical names in the same Class, those resources will be combined into one row.


If you want to see activity trends for a particular Role, you can click any slice on the Activity by Roster Role pie chart to drill in.

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