How do I export my class content in Common Cartridge format, and what is included?

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How do I export my class content in Common Cartridge format, and what will and will NOT be included in the export file?


You can export any class in Common Cartridge format through the Manage Class menu by selecting Import/Export, going to the Export tab, choosing your desired version (1.1, 1.2 or 1.3), and hitting Export.

Exporting Class Content

What is Common Cartridge format and when should I use it?

What is included in the Export?

Exporting Class Content

Teachers can export content in Common Cartridge format at the class level.  Go to Manage Class, then select Import/Export. Then, navigate to the Export tab, choose your desired Common Cartridge version, and hit Export.



What is Common Cartridge Format and when should I use it? 

Common Cartridge is an open import and export format created by the IMS Global Learning Consortium designed to standardize content files created and utilized by learning management platforms, object repositories, content creators, publishers, and other systems.  

Use the Common Cartridge export if: 

  • You have created content (Assessments, Pages & Blocks, Assignments, Discussions, etc.) in our platform, but would like to easily replicate it in a different system
  • You or your school are moving to a different LMS and you want to take your classes with you

DO NOT use the Common Cartridge export to: 

  • Back up your classes at the end of the year.  Check out these great details on how to archive your classes by making the Inactive, and make fresh copies using our Save As feature. 
  • Share content with other PowerSchool Learning teachers. The Share feature (found under the Manage menu for any Class, Page or Block) allows you to easily share a copy of any piece of content with any other PowerSchool Learning teacher. 
  • Move content from one PowerSchool Learning domain to another, such as from a School & District Edition domain to Solo Account (or vice versa).  Check out the Share feature for that, and "share" the content with your new account.  
  • Export content as a Student to keep after you graduate, send to college recruiters, future employers, family and friends. The ePortfolio sharing and export options can help facilitate this process. 

What is included in the Export? 

Systems can be as diverse as the teachers who use them!  As such, content imports are a occasionally a world of comparing (or converting) apples to potatoes.  Here are some important notes on our Common Cartridge export:

  • Teachers can optionally export empty Pages, but they will not export by default. 
  • Relative Links (dynamic links to other "Pages in this Class") will be maintained, referencing the "PowerSchool Learning Internal Link" in the html. They will need to be edited to link to the appropriate place in your new system. 
  • The following items which may be associated with a class will NOT be included in the export file: Standards, Rubrics, Badges, Google Drive attachments, Themes, Grade Notation Sets, Class Schedules, Templates, student data (such as Grades, Discussion posts and Rosters), Gradebooks and Calendar Events. 

The following items are included (or NOT) in our Common Cartridge export format. 

Learning Item Exports? Notes
Pages/Structure Yes Page structure (nesting) is maintained.
On Page Text Block Yes  
Files Block Yes  
Web Links Block Yes  
Images Block Yes  
Flickr Block Yes Flickr blocks will be exported as web links to Flickr feed.
Embed the Web Block Yes  
Youtube Block Yes  
Video Block Yes  
Audio Block Yes  
MiniSite Block Yes  MiniSites will export as .zip files. 
Google Drive Block No  
Calendar Blocks No  
Announcements No  
Assessments Yes - Assessments will export in QTI format.
- Matching questions will not export.
- Attachments added to the Assessment Description area 
   using the Attach a File option will NOT be included.  
- Files attached through CK Editor (the Link and Image buttons) 
   will be included.  
- All Assessments will be exported as Draft Assessments and Exams
- Kudos and Hints will not be exported. 
Assignments Yes  
Discussions Yes  
Polls No  
SCORM Activities Yes  SCORM Activities will export as .zip files. 
LTI Activities No  
WikiProjects No