Yes, currently PowerSchool Learning supports Moodle Backups (.mbz file type). However, there are some limitations to what can be imported at this time. If you have the ability to export in Common Cartridge (.imscc file type), you will be able to import Moodle content and quizzes (with a few limitations). For more information check out this article


Topics Format

We currently only support Moodle Imports that have been exported from Moodle in "Topic Format" and created with Moodle 2 backups. (Moodle versions 1.9 and below are currently not supported.) Check out the Convert Content to Moodle 2.0 article for more information on converting Moodle 1.9 to 2.0.


As a Moodle Admin, you can check or adjust your class export format by clicking on a Class, selecting "Edit Settings" and looking at the "Format" field (underneath "Course Summary"). (Other formats include weekly, social, and SCORM, but PowerSchool Learning currently does not support these formats.) Please make sure your class is exported in Topics Format prior to uploading to PowerSchool Learning, otherwise your import will not work.



See below for a list of Moodle content, and their availability for import into PowerSchool Learning via Moodle Backups and IMS Common Cartridge formats. If your import contains one of the following marked "No," PowerSchool Learning will simply skip over it during the import process.  For more information on Common Cartridge exports from Moodle, check out: What Moodle exports via IMS Common Cartridge.  

Moodle Content  MBZ   IMSCC  PowerSchool Learning Content Created Notes:
Assignment No No    
Chat No No    
Choice No No    
Database No No    
External Tool No No    
Feedback No No    
Forum No Yes Discussion and Discussion Block  
Glossary No No    
Lesson No No    
Quiz No Yes

Assessmentand Assessment Block

Only Quizzes that contain exclusively multiple-choice questions will be imported.  

SCORM Package No No    
Survey No No    
Wiki No No    
Workshop No No    
Book No No    
File Yes Yes File Block   
Folder No No    
IMS Content package No No    
Label Yes Yes Page Page will be titled the name of your Label. Moodle Backups will also include the text of your Label, but IMS CC will not.
Page Yes Yes


Includes text, images, downloadable and linked files, and embedded objects

URL Yes Yes Link Block  
Topic Yes Yes Page(s)

Only Topics that contain Activities or Resources will be imported. If Moodle Pages are included in the Topic, these will be imported as a separate Page in PowerSchool Learning.  

Moodle Backups will create a header Page that links to and references Activities and Resources found within the Topic, and create additional Pages for those items.

IMS CC will import individual content blocks for each Activity or Resource on one overall Page associated with the Topic.