What can I recover through the Restore Content area of my Class?


What can I recover through the Restore Content area of my Class?


Currently, as a Teacher you can restore most Pages and Content Blocks that you have deleted through the Restore Content area of your Manage Class menu. Just because you can't recover an item, though, doesn't mean that we can't.

What can I recover through Restore Content?

At this time, you can restore the following items that you or another co-teacher in your class may have deleted.

  • Pages and Subpages
  • Content Blocks
  • Polls
If you find that an item is visible in the Restore Content area of your Manage Class menu, but appears to be greyed-out as in the screenshot below, don't panic! Often, even if you cannot recover the item, we can make it happen. Check out the What can PowerSchool Learning recover for me? section below for additional details.

What can PowerSchool Learning recover for me?

While deletions should be considered permanent, and there's no guarantee that PowerSchool Learning can retrieve data that you have deleted, there are some items that often can, depending on how they were deleted, be recovered by the Support Team. If you find you've accidentally deleted any of the following, or something appears as greyed-out in your Restore Content menu, let us know as soon as possible (recovering data is time sensitive). In many cases, we can restore the following items:

  • *Pages and Subpages
  • WikiProject Pages and Subpages
  • Content blocks
  • Polls
  • Gradebooks and Gradebook Entries
  • Attendance Books
*There are a few cases where we may need to recover a Page or Content Block for you, such as if you delete a Sub-page as one independent action, then delete the Page that originally housed the Sub-page. While the Restore Content tool may not quite know where to put that Sub-page without its primary Page around anymore, our support team can recover it for you.
To see if we can recover an item (even if it is not on the list above!) Domain Administrators can reach out to our team with as much of the following information you can provide as possible:

  • The name, class, and url of the deleted content
  • The name and username of the individual who deleted the content
  • The approximate date and time (including your time zone) the item was deleted

What can my Domain Administrator recover for me?

As a Domain Administrator, you can recover any Class that has been manually deleted. To do this, just navigate to the Classes tab of the Domain Control. Classes that have been deleted will be marked with a small, red deleted icon. You can recover them by clicking on the green swooping arrow that indicates Restore Class on the right hand side of the class entry.



**Please note that if a user is deleted through the domain control interface, no content for that user can be restored.**



Powerschool Learning. For my Algebra 2 class under Activities Assignments I need the Mathography page restored. It has student work I have not graded yet.

Please restore.

Thank you


@DebbieClM, Thank you for posting in the Community.


You can restore the Mythography page by following the listed steps


Login to teacher > select class > click on manage class > restore content.


Please let me know in case of further questions.

Yes, but the content box is greyed out and it won't let me restore.

Hi @DebbieClM,


If the content is greyed out, there is a chance that it is permanently lost.  However, the PowerSchool Learning Support team may be able to recover it depending on your domain settings.


Please reach out to the PowerSchool Learning Support team by visiting the Help menu located inside of your PowerSchool Learning account.