Q: Our school year is coming to a close, so what should I do to set myself up for success when I come back from break?


A: Wonderful question! There are a few quick steps that you can take now to save yourself a lot of time in the next school year.


Here is what our team recommends:


  1. Make each current Class Inactive when this School Year ends (Manage Class > Make Inactive)
  2. Create a copy of the now Inactive Class to use in the upcoming term (Manage Class > Save Class As)
  3. Populate each Class Roster (check with your School's Admin team for help here)
  4. Adjust Due Dates for activities & events
  5. Make each new Class Active (Manage Class > Make Active)


These steps will move your current Classes (complete with grades & student interactions) into an archived state. You can always return to these Classes for reference by following the steps in this article.

Your new Class copies will have all of the content that you had used in the last term, saving you time and energy!


If you haven't visited our How-To Class for Teachers already, be sure to check it out. We dive into more detail on how to navigate different ways that classes can be set up and how to manage each type of transition here.