How do I use PayPal payment buttons with my site?


How do I use PayPal payment buttons with my Powerschool Learning site?


If you want to add a PayPal payment button to your class, the best way to do so is using MiniSites.
Because of some current limitations with our Embed the Web tools PayPal payment buttons often do not render properly, but if you create a MiniSite using the PayPal code you can ensure that your students have access to these payment tools.  

Here are the steps to follow to do this:

    1. Open a text editor, such as Notepad on Windows or Text Edit on Mac.  Do not use Microsoft Word or Pages.  These word processing applications will add extra formatting information to your file.
    2. Find the embed code from PayPal for the button you wish to use.
    3. Copy and Paste the code into your text editor.
    4. Add opening and closing html and body tags to the code. The opening tags are simply the words html and body contained within less-than (<) and greater-than (>) symbols, while closing tags are the same with a forward slash (/) before the word. Below is an example of this should look. 



[PayPal Code]



  1. Save the file as index.html
  2. Create a Zip Archive file containing this file.  (Click here for more information on creating a zip file.)
  3. Upload the Zip file as a MiniSite.    (Click here for more information on MiniSites.)
  4. Chose to show the MiniSite Embedded on page so that your button will be displayed on your class page.

(PayPal™ is a third party payment processing company and is not affiliated in any way with PowerSchool Learning.  This article should not be considered an endorsement of their services, and we can not be held responsible for their code.)


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