How do I link to a page outside of my current class?


How do I link to a page outside of my current class?



The Link tool in PowerSchool Learning's Rich Text Editor allows you to easily link to other pages in your class, but if you want to create a link to a page in a different class there are three things you should do first:

  1. Make the Class Active
  2. Publish the Page
  3. Check the class privacy settings

If you create a link to an inactive class or to a class that the viewer doesn't have permission to access, they will be taken to a log in screen. If you are only sharing the link with students in the class they will be able to log in and then view the linked page, but if you want everyone to be able to view the page you need to make your class public. You can find information on this setting here:

Can I make a class public and share the URL so that anyone can see the class?


Once you have taken care of these settings, browse to the page you wish to link to and copy the contents of the address bar. To add this link to an On Page Text block, an Inbox message, a Discussion post, or anywhere else you find the Rich Text Editor inside you class, do this:

  1. Open the block, message, or post you want to add the link to
  2. Click on the Link button
  3. Chose the Website option
  4. Paste the address in the field provided
  5. Click Okay