How do I Publish or Unpublish a Page?


How do I Publish or Unpublish a Page?


You can Publish and Unpublish Pages in your class using the Radio Tower icons in the page navigation area, or through the Publish/Unpublish button on any individual Page.

In the Pages Sidebar (on the left-hand side of your class page), click the radio tower icon to change the Publication Settings for any page.


If the icon is orange, then the Page is currently Published. If the icon has a little hourglass, then the Page is set to Publish or Unpublish automatically at some point in the future.

You can also find a Publish Button or an Unpublish Button on each Page, next to the Manage Page





Select the Publish/Unpublish button to adjust the publish settings for the particular page that you are currently editing. 

(Note: if you would like to change which Sections can view a page, you can so through the Manage Page > Edit area or in the Organize Pages view.)