How are Analytics tracked in PowerSchool Learning?


How are Analytics tracked and measured in PowerSchool Learning?  What is included in the Analytics area of my Class?


Analytics are tracked for What area or piece of content a user viewed, Who viewed the content, and When they looked at it.  These views are recorded in Hits, Visits, and Unique Visitors, calculated over Time. Analytics for weekly and monthly totals are updated nightly, so the data you see may not include hits that have occurred within the last 24 hours.


A Few Definitions:

  • Hit:  a user action such as visiting a new Page, clicking on an image, opening a pop-up video window, or clicking on that same image again
  • Visit:  an individual user visiting a Class or piece of content during one session 
  • Session: the time between logging in and logging back out again
  • Unique Visitors:  individuals visiting PowerSchool Learning, where each logged-in user or guest is only counted once during the given timeframe
  • Time: the elapsed period in seconds marked per-user visiting a particular Page, Class or piece of content.
Note: If a given Session logs more than 10,000 hits for a particular visitor, Analytics for that user within that Visit are not recorded.  If an area of PowerSchool Learning is visited for an elapsed time longer than 30 minutes, the last Hit for that Visit is not counted in the user's Analytics.   (Items accessed for longer than 30 minutes may appear as Less than 5 seconds in your Analytics view.) 
Viewing Analytics
When a teacher looks at the Analytics in their class, the data being displayed do not include Analytics related to their own activity nor the activity of co-teachers in the class. When an administrator views Analytics (regardless of whether it's Analytics for an individual class or the whole domain), teacher & co-teacher activity will be included. 
What is tracked, and what is not?
Many areas of PowerSchool Learning are tracked for Analytics, but there are few that are not. 
Note: Our Analytics tool currently supports class activity Analytics tracking for administrators, teachers, parents and students. At this time, activity in the Domain Control is not tracked. 

 Feature What is Included?  Known Exclusions
  • Viewing the list of Announcements
  • Viewing an individual Announcement
  • Viewing the list of Assessments
  • Viewing an individual Assessment
  • Attempting an Assessment
  • Viewing the list of Assignments
  • Viewing an individual Assignment (e.g. via the Assignments area, an Assignment block, or the Calendar)
  • Teachers viewing an individual student's handed in work for an Assignment
  • Downloading a file that a student has handed in or a teacher has handed back
  • Viewing the Annotator
  • A Teacher viewing their Attendance listing
  • Viewing the Calendar
  • Selecting an Event or Assignment on the Calendar
  • Switching between months
  • Entering Comments onto a Page or WikiProject
  • Viewing the list of Discussions
  • Opening a Discussion
  •  Writing a Discussion post or reply
  • ePortfolios are not connected to Class Analytics at this time
  • Viewing the Gradebook or Grades area
  • Teachers entering or editing Grades into the Gradebook
  • Viewing the Inbox feature
  • Opening or reading an individual Inbox message
  • Writing an Inbox message
My Classes  
  • Viewing the the My Classes listing
  • Viewing a Page
  • Selecting a link within a Link Block
  • Selecting a link to navigate to MiniSite or Embed the Web content
  • Downloading a File Attachment
  • Opening a popup window to view embedded content
  • Interacting with content embedded in a block on a page (i.e MiniSites or Embed the Web widgets)
  • Playing a Video or Audio file that has been uploaded to PowerSchool Learning (not opened in a popup window)
  • Opening a popup window to view uploaded video or audio files
  • Viewing the list of Polls
  • Opening an individual Poll
  • Viewing the My Portal area
SCORM Activities
  • Viewing the list of SCORM Activities
  • Viewing an individual SCORM Activity
  • Attempting a SCORM Activity
What's New
  • Opening "What's New" for a Class
  • Viewing the list of WikiProjects
  • Viewing an individual WikiProject
  • Viewing and interacting with content within a WikiProject