Can I merge a class I created with a class imported by my school?


I have already made a class and now my school has created a new class with an imported roster. Can I keep the content I created and use the imported class?


Yes, you can keep your content and use the imported roster using the class Merge tool. This will allow you to create a single class with all of your content, and maintain the relationship with your organization's import so the current roster and all future changes will be reflected in your class.


Before you can use the Merge Class tool your classes must meet a few criteria.

  • Your imported class must have a roster, but no course content. If you’ve created content (Page content, Discussions, Assignments, etc...) in your imported class you will not be able to merge it until you have deleted all content from the class.

  • Your Manually created class (your Content Class) must have course content, but no one in the roster. This includes Students, Parents, and Co-Teachers. If your Content Class has any users in the roster (other than you as the primary teacher) you will need to remove all of these users before you can merge.

  • If you are planning to use content from a Class Template you must first create a new class from the template. You can find more information on Templates here: What are Templates and how do I use them?

  • NOTE: Classes can only be merged by the owner of the classes. If you you are an administrator who needs to merge classes, you will want to masquerade as the owner of the class.


Once you have your classes ready, follow these steps to Merge them:

  1. Go to your My Classes menu. You must start with the class with your Content Class.


  2. In the Manage Class menu for your content class click the Merge button.


  3. A window will open, and If your classes are setup correctly you will see a drop-down menu listing you available imported classes. All you need to do is select the correct class and click the Merge button.


  4. This will take all of the content from your Content Class and merge it into your Imported Class (containing the Roster), creating a single class with both content and roster.

If you click the Merge button and are not presented with a drop-down menu, or the class you wish to merge into is not listed in the drop-down menu, there is a problem with one of your classes.

The Merge Classes window should provide you with more information on what is wrong, but here are a couple of things you might need to check.

  • Make sure you clicked the Merge button from the Content Class, not the Imported Class.

  • Double check the Roster of your Content Class. If there are any users listed (other than you) in any of the tabs (Students, Parents, and Teachers) they must be removed before you merge.

  • Open your Imported class and look for any content that might be blocking a merge. This include all of the following. Make sure they are all removed before you try to merge.
    • Class Pages
    • Content Blocks
    • Events
    • Announcements
    • Discussions
    • Assignments (and Dropbox Entries)
    • Inbox Message
    • Polls
    • WikiProjects
    • Assessments
    • Attendance Books
    • Grade Books