Can I group students in PowerSchool Learning for teamwork?


Can I group students enrolled in my class to work together on a WikiProject or Discussion?


Yes! You can create Groups to create "teams of students" who are enrolled on your roster and assign a Group WikiProject or Group Discussion.

In PowerSchool Learning, a teacher can configure Groups when viewing the Edit Roster tool or when creating a new WikiProject or Discussion.

Each Group, or individual team of students, will be contained within a Group Set. A Group Set contains at least two (2) Groups of students, but can contain many more Groups if necessary. A Group Set does not need to include all students from the Class Roster.

Pro-tip: You can assign a Group Discussion or Group WikiProject to only a single Group by creating a Group Set of only two Groups: one containing students, while the other is empty!


Here's how to set up a Group Set for your Class:

  1. Select Manage Class > Edit Roster
  2. Choose the Groups tab


  3. Click the +Add Group Set button
  4. Give your Group Set a name
  5. Add students to each Group manually or click the Auto Distribute Students button to have the Groups auto-populated with students on the Class Roster


  6. Once you are done, be sure to click Finish to save your Group Set


Teachers will also have the ability to use or create Group Sets when creating a new Group Discussion or Group WikiProject. Groups that are created in this manner will be displayed with all other Class Groups on the Groups tab of the Edit Roster feature.

Groups are a great way to encourage teamwork and limit the size of students participating in Discussions.  Make sure to have fun when creating Group Sets and feel free to create Groups which contain students from multiple Class Roster Sections to shake up new ideas!


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