How Can I Use School Years To Transition From One Year To The Next?

Q: How can I use School Years to transition from one year to the next? How do I define the start and end dates of a School Year?


A: Defining the start and end dates of your School Years helps ensure that new classes default to the current School Year, and helps to keep things organized.  Classes in past school years are hidden from the default view in My Classes and on the Classes tab of the Domain Control. Don't worry, though, Teachers and Domain Administrators can still access these classes by selecting a past School Year or All Years from the drop-down menu at the top of the Classes listing, or their individual Inactive menu, in the My Classes area.


How to Define School Years

To define the start and end dates of a School Year, go to the School Years area of the Manage Domain menu.



The School Year Settings area displays list of any school years you've created. There will also be a short note reminding you about how School Years work. Select Manage School Year, then Edit to adjust dates associated with a School Year.




Select the appropriate field in the Edit School Year window to adjust the Start and/or End Date.




Once you've defined the start and end dates of a School Year, PowerSchool Learning will automatically filter to the Current School Year, hiding classes from any year other than the one that's currently active. Domain Administrators can still find old classes using a drop-down menu in the Classes tab of Domain Control:




For more information, check out our Knowledgebase articles on how to create and edit school years and how to add classes to a school year

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