Q. In Analytics, how do I print or export a report or dashboard?


A. In Analytics, any Dashboard can be exported to a PDF for printing, and any Report on the dashboard can be exported as a PDF, a PNG, an Excel spreadsheet, or a CSV file.


Please note: This feature is only available to PowerSchool Learning School & District Edition domains.


Printing the Dashboard


The fastest way to save PDF version of Dashboard in Analytics is to click the Print button at the top of an Analytics page.


This will print what you see on the Dashboard itself.

Note that for Class Analytics this view will not include the name of your class. If you would like to include that, you should open up the Fullscreen view and press control+P or command+P to print your current browser tab.

Downloading a Report

For any Report - that is, for any graph, table, or headline figure - mouse over the Report to reveal the Menu arrow.


Click the Menu arrow, then click Download As and select the file format you want to download.


Downloading the report as a spreadsheet or a CSV will get you the same data with the same formatting as you see on the dashboard. Downloading the raw data will get you that data without any rounding or custom formatting.

Exporting the Dashboard


To export your Analytics Dashboard data into PDF or XLSX file format click the Export button. Please note this export feature is only of the current filter or view you have the Dashboard set as which includes filters such as Date Range, Account Organization, Account Role, etc.



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