How can I allow one Student to retake an Assessment?

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How can I re-open an assessment so just one student can retake it?


There are a few options for how you can allow one Student (or a few certain Students) to re-take an assessment.


Multiple Attempts


One option is to set the assessment to allow multiple attempts. You can do this under Manage Assessment > Edit Settings. Make sure the assessment is still open or edit the date range to ensure it is still accessible to students.


If you are concerned about other students also re-taking the assessment, you can add a password restriction. Please note, when using Exam, if a student has already looked at the answers, the system forfeits their second attempt. In that case, you'll need to clear out the forfeit by going to Manage Assessment > View Results, and hovering over the Forfeit cell to reveal a little red minus icon and click to remove forfeit.  Practice assessments display answers without forfeiting future attempts.  



Delete the first attempt


Another option is to delete the Student's original attempt, which will make it as if the Student never took the assessment. You can do this by going to Manage Assessment > View Results. Click on the Edit (pencil icon) button next to the score of the student in question, and select the "Delete Attempt" option.




This will delete the previous attempt and will allow the student to take the assessment again. Note that the assessment does need to remain Open in order for the Student to access it.


**Please note that if you delete the earlier attempt, there is no way to retrieve it. If you need to preserve a copy, you may want to print a copy first.


Save As


A third option, if you want the retake assessment to look different from the original, is to make a new Copy of the assessment by using Save As (find this option under Manage Assessment). You can then edit the questions and make it a different version. Again, you can add a password restriction if you don't want all students being able to access the copy.