How do I enable and configure Badging for my domain?



How do I enable and configure Badging for my domain?



As an Administrator, you can configure badging through the Applications area of the Domain Control.  Just select the Settings option next to Badging to get started.  

Enable Badging

  1. You can Enable Badging for your domain through the Applications area of the domain control.  Badging will be under the Features tab.





  2. Check the Enabled box, then select Settings to configure additional options. From the General tab, you have a few different options: 
    • Allow teachers to use PowerSchool Learning badges: This will give teachers access to award students the awesome pre-populated badges that our PowerSchool Learning team has created for you.
    • Allow teachers to create personal badges: Teachers can design and edit their very own custom badges to award throughout their classes. 
    • Allow teachers to integrate their personal badges with their own Credly account: If your Teachers at your school have their own independent Credly account, this allows them to associate that account with their PowerSchool Learning classes.03.jpg
  3. Choose your Credly Integration settings!  Find out more about configuring Credly Integration for your domain here. 

Assign Badging Permissions

Through the Permissions tab of the Badging Settings menu, you can assign any Teacher the ability to create, update and remove organization badges.  Domain Administrators will automatically have this ability. 

  1. Select Add User to start assigning Permissions.


  2. Search for any Teacher in your domain, check off any users you'd like to add, then choose the Add Selected Users button.


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