How can Nicknames help me make my school's Standards easier to use?



How can Nicknames help me make my school's Standards easier to use?



Nicknames for Standards can make it much easier for teachers to find and recognize the Standards they're looking for.

We recommend that schools combine a simple dot notation code with a keyword or short phrase to allow teachers to quickly identify a Standard.

For example, let's use the very "first" Standard in the Common Core State Standards:

  • K.RL.1 - With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about key details in a text.

In this case, you might use a Nickname like the following:

  • K.RL.1 - Ask & Answer Questions

If you were creating the Standard manually, it might look something like this:


2016-10-12 12_49_35-000283.jpg 


Because the Add Standards fields are all searchable, this kind of Nickname lets teachers find Standards in a number of ways.

  • "K." would return a list of all Kindergarten Standards.
  • "RL." would return a list of all reading Standards.
  • "K.RL" would return a list of all Kindergarten reading Standards.
  • The keywords or phrases let teachers search for the Standard using a logical, easy-to-remember shorthand.

In other words, armed with a knowledge of your school's system for creating Nicknames, teachers can easily find the right Standard if they know a few key facts about what they're looking for.

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