How do I send reminders for students to complete an Assignment?


 I would like to send a message to my students reminding them that an assignment is due soon, is there a way to do that in PowerSchool Learning?


Yes! You can remind students who have not yet submitted an Assignment through the Unsubmitted column of your Assignments area. 

Send a message to students using the Unsubmitted list: 

1. In the Assignment area of the Activities tab, click on the number that displays under the Unsubmitted field for a particular Assignment.  


2. A window will pop up with a list of students who have not submitted the assignment. Use the Select All button or select individual students, then select Send Reminder to Selected.


3. From here, PowerSchool Learning will populate your message with the default response.  You can edit it or simply click Send. 


 4. Once you select Send, your students will receive this message through the View Work area for that Assignment.


If students have chosen to receive notifications any time they have a new message or file in the View Work area, they will also get a notification in their email or via SMS message! 


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