What is the difference between the "School" email and the "Primary" email?



When users log in and change their email addresses, they will sometimes see a "school" email and a "primary" email. What is the difference between the two?




The school email is the email provided by the import from your school's Student Information System (SIS). You can opt to provide your own alternative email as the primary email, if you'd like.

The new email address that you enter, once confirmed, will become the email address where you receive class and account notifications. (You will still see your school email listed on your account, but notifications will be sent to your primary email only.)

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Note: Once a user has added a new Primary Email, the School Email field will become immutable and will not change even through the Import Process!

In order to update an address stored as their School Email for an account that has updated the Primary Email address, an Admin will need to get involved to resolve the two email addresses.

Domain Admins, here's what you can do:

  1. Navigate to the user account in Domain Control
  2. Select Manage Account > Edit
  3. Remove the value within the Email field
  4. Click the Save button
  5. Submit an Import File with the updated address for this user in the email field
  6. Approve the Import and you're on your way!