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PowerSchool users can now submit a request to enhance or add features into PowerSchool products directly to the PowerSchool Product teams.  This article will guide you through the process to submit a feature request in the PowerSchool Ideas Portal.  


Accessing the PowerSchool Ideas Portal  


  1. Log in to the PowerSchool Community at 
  2. Hover over Contact Support in the menu at the top of any page in the Community and select PowerSchool Ideas Portal Ideas Portal 1.PNG



Adding a New Idea 


  1. Select Add a new idea at the top left of the page.Ideas Portal 2.PNG


  2. Choose the product for the idea in the Product drop-down menu. 
  3. Type the subject of the enhancement request in the Your Idea field.  When typing the subject of the enhancement request, similar ideas may appear.   
    • If a similar idea has been created, we recommend supporting the idea by voting instead of creating a new idea.  You can choose the idea by selecting the title. 
    • If a similar idea has not been created, please continue to the details section. 
  4. Please add details of the idea in the Details text box.   
  5. You can attach files by selecting Attach files at the bottom left of the details text box. 
  6. Select Share idea Ideas Portal 3.PNG


Commenting on an Idea 


  1. Select the idea in which you would like to leave a comment. 
  2. Type your comment into the details field. 
  3. You can attach files by selecting Attach fileat the bottom left of the details text box. 
  4. Select Post Comment. 
  5. Your comment will appear below the details field. ideas comment.PNG




Voting on an Idea


  1. Find the Idea where you wish to add a vote.
  2. Click on the Vote box next to the Idea.
  3. The vote box should change to green and the counter should increase by one.

You can remove your vote by clicking on the vote box again which should change to gray and the counter should decrease by one. Ideas Portal 5.PNG


Searching for an Idea


You can search for ideas using keywords or the idea number in the Search Ideas field at the top right corner of the Ideas Portal.


The idea number is located to the right of the home symbol.  You can view the idea number by selecting the title of the idea to view the details.  The idea number can be shared with other members to allow them to easily locate, vote, and comment on the idea.


Idea Number.PNG


PowerSchool Ideas Portal FAQs


Q: Why is my product not listed on the Product list? 

Some PowerSchool products have idea intake integrated within the product itself. Those products are not yet integrated with the PowerSchool Ideas Portal but are planned for inclusion at a later time. For these products, you can continue to submit enhancement requests as you currently do. We will send out a communication when these products have been added to our PowerSchool Ideas Portal. 


Q: How do I get notified of updates to my ideas? 

A: Email notifications are currently disabled in the PowerSchool Ideas Portal due to technical limitations. We are working with our partner/vendor to address these limitations so that we can offer email notifications in the future. In the meantime, you can browse ideas by status in the PowerSchool Ideas Portal.  


Q: I see an option to view Subscribed ideas. How can I subscribe? 

A: When we are able to implement email notifications as mentioned in the previous question, we will re-enable subscriptions and you will be able to see the Ideas you have subscribed to.  


Q: Can I make an enhancement request for Community? 

A: We have received this feedback and we agree and will plan to add Community to the list of products. It will not be ready as part of our initial launch, but we will look into adding it along with other products as we continue to expand our enhancements process. For now, you can share your Community ideas through this post. 


Q: What happened to the ideas I submitted in PowerSource? 

A: Enhancements previously submitted via the Enhancement Request System in PowerSource are being migrated to the PowerSchool Ideas Portal.  


Q: I used to use the Enhancement Request System on PowerSource. Is that still available? 

A: PowerSchool recommends that new enhancement ideas be submitted in the new PowerSchool Ideas Portal. The Enhancement Request System in PowerSource will eventually be deprecated.  


Q: Can you vote an idea down instead of up? 

A: If you’ve already voted on an idea, you can click the Vote button again to remove your vote. However, you cannot decrease the vote count on an idea if you haven’t already voted on it.  


Q: Why do I see products on the list that I don’t use? 

A: The PowerSchool welcomes ideas for any of our products, even if you currently do not use a given product.  


Q: What does each of the statuses mean? 

  • Reviewed – Unscheduled: The idea has been reviewed by a member of the Product Management team. This does not mean that the idea is scheduled for a future product release.  
  • Scheduled – Future Release: PowerSchool plans to implement an enhancement to our software based on the idea.  
  • In Development: A development team is actively working on implementing an enhancement based on the idea.  
  • Shipped: An enhancement based on the idea has been shipped in a generally available version of our software.  
  • Already exists: Our software already includes the functionality requested in the idea.  
  • Will not implement: The idea will not be implemented.  


Q: Why are the ideas I submitted previously not listed under My Ideas? 

A: Due to some limitations during the migration process, we are not able to associate migrated ideas with the original submitterYou can still browse or search for these ideas in the PowerSchool Ideas Portal.  


It would seem reasonable that when PSAT scores are uploaded into students' accounts, they and their parents would be able to see the scores.  It is not the case when using the 'new' data upload feature.  I am hoping this is rectified.

Hi @nbowdler 


There is currently no option to display the test scores in the public portal.


You can share this idea as an Enhancement Request on  PowerSchool Ideas Portal so that the product team can take a look at this. This article should walk you through how to raise an Enhancement Request.



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