Troubleshoot: Problem Syncing Error on PowerSchool Mobile App


Parents or Students getting the Problem Syncing Error when trying to Login to PowerSchool's Mobile App



When Parents or Students try to Login to their PowerSchool Parent Portal Account using the Mobile App, they get an error message which states “Problem Syncing: There was an issue with refreshing data. some information may be out-of-date. We are working to resolve this issue.


Problem Syncing.png


Solution Steps

1: Select School under which the Student is enrolled into, on the right-hand corner of the "Start Page".


2: Please download the “ps-rest-log” for the school and search for “ERROR” in the downloaded log file.

If you see this error - “ERROR com.pearson.powerschool.system.InprocInvocationHandler - Encountered error java.lang.IllegalStateException: Duplicate key com.pearson.powerschool.legacy.pojo.TermsLO”, please follow the below troubleshooting steps.


3: Navigate to: Start Page > School Setup > Years & Terms > Term Setup.


4: Please check if there are any 2 terms having the same Term Abbreviation. If Yes, please change one of the Term Abbreviations to ensure they all are unique.


5: Once the changes are done, please navigate to Start Page > District Setup > Mobile Registration and Resubmit the Mobile Registration page to sync the changes.


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