Removing students from my profile

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Removing students from my profile

My daughter and I are relocating. She previously attended a school who utilized Infosnap also. It recognized my username and password, and showed other children associated to my profile that no longer reside with me. How can I remove the other children that are listed under my account?
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Hi! @Hlc901,


I would suggest reaching out to the school district in order to review and discuss the access level you have associated with the parent portal.  The school should be able to provide further insight into your access level and assist in removing other children from your account.

Muskan Sehar

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Hello! I have emailed 3* about this same issue and keep being told to contact the school as they deal with this. I have already called the school twice and they say that the child is removed from my account. I am still getting notifications on this child and this child is still fully accessible on my account. I no longer live with this child or I'm associated with this child. I need them removed from my parent Portal

Hi @Lps1dragonfly,


Thank you for reaching out to us on the PowerSchool Community!


Only the school or district has the permissions to remove guardians from a student account.  Unfortunately, due to security reasons we do not have the access to view/manage student settings or student information, which is why we request you to reach out to the school district to have the student removed from your account and disable any further communication from the school or district.


If the school says that the student is removed from your account but you are continuing to receive communication. I suggest verifying with the school if the form of communication i.e. your email or phone number is not added as the primary contact on the student's account.

Bishal G.
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