Hello I’m trying to register my daughter and I filled out the application and it said someone will contact me to take the next step.. nobody contacted me, I’m trying send on my documents, I don’t know who to contact, you or the school or the board of Ed… again I filled the application and haven’t heard back.. it’s confusing and I don’t want my child to get the bottom of the classes.. can someone please help me? Please
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Community Knowledge Manager
Community Knowledge Manager



Usually, the school notifies the parents through email or message regarding the registrations. If you still have not heard from the school or have not been notified, we recommend contacting the school district directly, as each school has a different process and can provide the best steps to move forward when registering a student.


The PowerSchool Community is a great resource if you have any changes to be made while completing fields within the enrollment form. You can check out the FAQs related to the enrollment process here.

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