Previous K-12 Education


Previous K-12 Education

As of right now I’m still in 8th grade enrolling into high school. There’s a section called “Previous K-12 Education”, do I put the school I’m currently at right now? I haven’t went to any other school in the past before, all my K-12 years have been at one school.

I don’t have a date withdrawn since I’m still at the school, so should I just put NO as the answer?

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @raymond1234


If you are applying for the same school you are in and still receiving this question, you would first need to verify if you are filling out the correct Returning Student form for the next school year.


If you are unable to find the correct form, it is possible that the form is temporarily disabled by the school district for maintenance or is not accessible for registration. You would want to reach out to your school district to inquire about the instructions to access the enrollment form or resend the link to the correct form.



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