New student registration for Kindergarden Fall 2023


New student registration for Kindergarden Fall 2023

We have a 5 year old that needs to enroll in Kindergarden to begin Fall 2023 but when we see our base school assignment it is very far away and we would want to enroll in a closer one.  (We would be providing transportation ourselves)  The only options I see are to enroll at the base school, enroll at a magnet/year round school or request a school transfer which seems to be only an option after enrollment is already complete.


I want to make sure, if I want to try to enroll in a school that is not on the magnet/year round list and not my base school, then am I supposed to first complete enrollment at my base school, wait for the official assignment notification and then submit a transfer request between February 24 - March 10, 2023. (


Thank you

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @dckirsch,


Thank you for reaching out for assistance. The PowerSchool Community is a great resource if you have any changes to be made while completing fields within the enrollment form. Each school, however, has a different process and can provide the best steps to move forward when enrolling students. 


You will need to contact the district directly to inquire about the criteria for the enrollment as they would be able to provide you with the most up-to-date information on your student's enrollment. You can find the contact information on the district's official webpage. 


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