New Information inputted not saving


New Information inputted not saving

How come after putting in all the information, selecting ALL the radio dials, drop-downs and fill-in the blanks, the "NEXT" button doesn't work?  I uploaded documents too.  The page is just frozen and sits there.  When I exit out and start all other again, nothing is saved and all my information is missing.  To top it all off, my "chosen language for communication" is indicating Albanian and not my selected English.  I've read the posts/blogs and many people are having the same problem and the responses from the PowerSchool Community portal isn't answering or fixing the problem, instead, they are indicting that applicants haven't completed the forms fully, even though in the posts the users/applicants are clearing stating that they are entering all the information and double checking their work carefully.  Even one post I read had his wife enter it thinking it was his human error, still didn't work.  Could 3,000 users be wrong and the PowerSchool portal be right?  Hum, seems doubtful.  Too bad we can't fill out the paperwork with paper and pen like the old days, but with COVID-19, the district doesn't want you entering their building.  What a drama!

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Hi @TrevorsMom,

I am sorry you are facing difficulty registering your child.


PowerSchool Enrollment Forms are built according to the specifications provided by the school district and the forms vary across school districts.


Please make sure that all the required fields on the Enrollment form are completed before submitting the form.  Some commonly missed fields are the ones of Home or Primary Phone Number, Add another guardian, guardian information, etc.

If you continue to face difficulty submitting the Enrollment Form, please contact our Enrollment Family Support team using this direct link.

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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