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i have all of my other children enrolled by i cant get my last one to get registered. the snap code given does not work on my end. i tried from my phone kindle even the school device and still no luck. i have contacted the school. they said i have to contact the district office since that is where the code came from. i called and got transfered to someone who was not there left a message and noone is calling me back. so does this mean you guys will just use the information already in the system because i have tried everything and school starts next week

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Hi @peaches1,

The school is correct.  Snapcodes are generated by the School District and only the School or District has access to Snapcodes.


If you are facing an issue registering your child with the provided snapcode, it is likely that the snapcode that you were provided is incorrect.  We recommend reaching out to the school district to request the correct snapcode.

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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