Lottery Form Wont Sumbit Error Msg

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Lottery Form Wont Sumbit Error Msg

- Filling out Lottery Application for my KG student who will become a 1st Grader come 2020-2021 school year. Completed application , when on portion in regards to what grade the student will be in during  2020-2021 school year I select accordingly, under that question is "Does this student have multiple births etc..." I answer accordingly. a red error MSG has popped up as soon as I selected the correct grade come 2020-2021 school year . Error code reads "You must submit a separate application for each student (unless they are twins, triplets, etc.)

All questions are answered accurate and all other fields have no error but this portion .

No submit button is available to submit application.I have deleted the application and re done it a few times same error code ??

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Hi @nenacannon2020,


The lottery form is usually for families new to the district trying to enroll their child into the school district. Since your child has already attended kindergarten in the same school district, you would have to fill the returning student form. 


The school district may not have released the returning student application. I suggest reaching out to your school district who should be able to assist you with details of the returning student new registration form.

Elston S.
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