Kindergarten Registration

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Kindergarten Registration

I have tried for a week now to get my son registered for school.  I have had all of the following prevent me from completing this online.

  • Error pages
  • Forms not attaching
  • The page randomly switching to Spanish vs English

I have cleared my browser history, the cache and I am using the recommended browser of Chrome.


I have never used a platform as poorly built as this one.


Please get this fixed so that I can get my son registered for school.


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A common reason that would cause the Enrollment form to behave in an unexpected manner would be if the form that you are using to enroll your student is either outdated or discontinued by the school district and a new form was made available in its place. 


A quick resolution would be to delete the current form that you are using to enroll your student and start over with the new form.

If you continue to face the issue with the enrollment form even after starting over with a fresh registration form, you can reach out to the PowerSchool Enrollment Support team by using this direct link.

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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