Form error when trying to update and submit


Form error when trying to update and submit

The powerschool form for 20-21 enrollment will not allow me to update and submit my form. I have the form almost completed and just needed to include some attachments. This is the error I see on the form when I open it.


I have cleared history and cache, as well as opened a new tab incognito to resolve without any luck. 


Link where error occured: 


Here is the error I see:


The following error occurred in the ActionFormService.GetActionFormContent: System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. at Infosnap.Secure.Domain.Localization.LocalizationHelper.ParseListDataByCulture(String culture, String input) at Infosnap.Secure.Domain.Localization.LocalizationHelper.LocalizeSolutionLists(String formCulture, IDictionary`2 lookupLists) at Infosnap.Secure.FamilyPortal.Common.Services.FormTemplateService.GetDataEntryFormTemplate(PublishedAction publishedAction, Form form, String culture) at Infosnap.Secure.FamilyPortal.Common.Services.FormTemplateService.RenderDataEntryFormTemplatePage(ActionSession session, Int32 pageNumber, Boolean useRelativeUrl) at Infosnap.Secure.FamilyPortal.Controllers.Services.ActionFormsService.GetActionFormContent(Int32 publishedActionId, String culture, Int32 page)


Please advise.


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Thank you for reaching out for assistance through the Community! 


Once a form is submitted it cannot be edited.  I recommend contacting the school or District Administration Office for additional assistance. 


One of our community members had a similar error and the resolution was provided in this thread. I recommend reviewing the resolution by clicking here.

Sowmya Karmel
PowerSchool Community Moderator
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