How To: How to Attach Documents


The document attachment form element allows users to upload external documents to their form submissions, providing required data points to the school district directly.



Parent Form Responders 

Teacher Form Responders 

Administrative Form Responders



To attach a document to a form: 

For users who see a login button: 

  1. For users with an account: 
    1. Click the login button 
    2. Enter the email address associated with the account 
    3. Enter the password for the account 
    4. Click “Login”
  2. For Users without an account: 
    1. Enter the email address to be used 
    2. Enter the desired password 
    3. Click “Register” 
    4. You will be signed in automatically after creating the account

For users without a login button: 

  1. SSO is enabled for the form.  No Login is necessary to attach a form.

To upload the document: 

  1. Click the “Add Document” button 
  2. Click “Browse” 
  3. Select the file on your device to upload. 
  4. Click select/open. 
  5. Click “Upload” 


Still Not Working? 

  1. Ensure that the password conforms to rules (6 characters in length, not any of the simple dictionary words that are disallowed.) 
  2. Ensure that an account with the email does not already exist within the system 
  3. Attempt to reset the password via the “Forgot Password” Link 
  4. Ensure the file is valid for upload (Less than 5MB, PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, PNG, JPG, JPEG) 


For additional support, please connect with us via Support Chat or send us an email through the following link:


after submission the application there is no ways, I can upload and documents.

please help me for that

Hi @Samira_usk 


Once a registration form is submitted, only the district can make changes to it. You would need to reach out to the district directly and ask them to make the updates to the submission and assist you with uploading the documents.



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