Snapcode Problem


  • I entered the snapcode that the school sent me, but I got an error message.



  • Have you received a snapcode from your school?
  • Have you tried to enter the snapcode to access your form, but are getting an error message?


Fix it


Note: Once you have entered your snapcode and associated it with your account you will not need to enter your snapcode again. You will just need to log back into your account to complete your form.

There are a few different things to consider as you are trying to resolve this problem:


  • Is there another email address you may have used to create your account?


If so, you should use this email address to log back in and finish your started form.


  • Does this email address belong to someone you know (perhaps a spouse) who already started the form?


If so, and that individual wants to complete the form,


  • they should use this email address to log back in and finish the started form.
  • OR     -


If so, and that individual does not wish to complete the form,


  • you can have them contact us directly to cancel the form (or have the appropriate school personnel contact us to have the form canceled) so that you can use the account of your choosing.

NOTE: For security reasons, we cannot cancel a form at the request of anybody other than either the account holder or a school administrator.


Still Not Working?


For additional support, please connect with us via Live Assist or send us an email through the following link:



Ho do i get snapcode


Please contact the registration support number for the district at 319.553.3004. Thank you.

They will provide me with the snapcode.

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