Action Has Closed


If you attempt to access a form and the only screen that appears says “Action Has Closed”, this means that the form is not currently available.


Error Message

Action Has Closed



The form may be down for maintenance, or the registration period for your school has not opened yet.



In this case, we would recommend contacting your school district for further information about why the form is closed. However, there are a few steps you can take before contacting your school.


Resolution steps 

  1. Double-check that the link you were provided is for the school year you’re attempting to register for.
  2. Look for any information about the open Registration period, either on your school’s website or in the email that was sent to you.
  3. If the dates say the form should be open, the form may have been pulled for maintenance. Contact your school for more information about when the form will be re-opened.


Still Not Working?

If these steps do not help you access the form, contact your school district’s Enrollment section for further assistance.

For additional support, please send a ticket through the following link: