Case handling SOP for Non technical contacts.


The customer can be a non technical contact but can be associated with the district. Some ways to identify them are :


1. Search the contact in Salesforce & check if its a registered contact
2. The end user is not a technical contact of the district.
3. Reach out to the CSM to clarify if they are indeed a TC or not
4. Check PowerSource integration check and verify :


PowerSource Integration Check : [Contact]TechnicalContact__c =/= Yes



image (7).png



Case Origin Types


1. The end user may be a TC but not reflecting in SF yet.
2. The possible TC / district contact is helping a parent/student & decides to log a ticket on their behalf (This will be considered a use case).


Ticket handling guidelines


1. Suggest the customer to reach out to the technical contact of the district and suggest them to create      a ticket with us.
2. Call the customer in order to check whether the issue is resolved or not.
3. Provide timely follow-ups.
4. Close the case only after we receive confirmation from the customer.
5. If you feel that the situation is tricky, please mark it as a HTC so that the manager will call the customer.


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