standards grades - overall grade conversion


standards grades - overall grade conversion

Is there a way to have the overall grade for a class average all assignments for the final standard grade, while having the individual standards calculating the average of the last 3 assignments tied to a specific standard?


For example I would like for 5th grade Social Studies final grade of traditional 90% to convert to a 4 on the standards based report card.  Right now it defaults to what we have set for the standards based grade preferences calculation which is the 33.3% of the last 3 assignments.  

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Hi StaceyC


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Currently, there isn't a way to separate the standard calculation between the individual standards and the final grade standard, though I think this would be a great addition to PTP.


To start the process of adding this functionality to PTP, and enhancement request will need to be created within PowerSource.


Once the enhancement request has been added then our development team will review what would be needed to create this process.


(By the way, the more votes an enhancement request receives the quicker our development team will review and (possibly) work on it.)





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