making a seating chart that includes inclusion students


making a seating chart that includes inclusion students


I am a lowly teacher, but I now have an inclusion teacher and he has students.  My VP added him to my powerschool and I can choose "multiple sections" to take attendance. 


My problem is I want to make a seating chart that has inclusion students in it who are on the roster of my inclusion teacher.


No one knows how to do this, and it would make life infinitely easier.


Thank you for any guidance on where to find this, or how an administrator can fix this for me.


Sincerely, tom pullizzi

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PowerSchool Mentor
PowerSchool Mentor

If the students are in two different classes, then I don't think you will be able to make a seating chart with all of them in it.  I believe all the students will need to be in one class. When you create the seating chart, all the students in the class  will appear on your screen.  If the inclusion students' names do not appear on the screen, then you want be able to add them on the seating chart.  You could leave empty desks on each seating chart for the students that are not in that class.  

Nicole Bond
Director of Attendance and Enrollment
Haywood County Schools
Brownsville, TN

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