Viewing Previous Years


Viewing Previous Years

How do I view student information (contacts and attendance) from students who were enrolled last year but have moved on to the middle school?  When I select last year in the drop-down menu, it still shows this year's students.

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Hi @tmusick,


Good Day! Please find the responses to your queries mentioned below.


1) You can search for students that were enrolled in a previous school year from the PowerSchool Start Page by using the *as_of = MM/DD/YYYY search.


Example: To find students enrolled on the last day of the 2022-2023 school year (06/11/2023) search by *as_of=06/11/2023


2) The contact information can be exported using Direct Database Export (DDE)


You can navigate through Start Page >  System Administrator > Page and Data Management > Direct Database Export (DDE), select the current table as "Students(1), and then export the fields like GuardianEmail, Emerg_Contact_1, Emerg_Contact_2 for the student contact information. I recommend reviewing this article for more information on DDE.


3) To pull up the attendance for the previous school building you can try to do the following:


1. Start Page > System > DDE
2. Search on the Attendance Table
3. Search YearID = The TermID minus the last 2 digits
4. Search all records in the table
5. Export those records



Select students previous school

1. Navigate to System > DDE
2. Table : Students(1)
3. Filter by:
4. ID = 15224
5. Search all ### records
6. You will get one record
7. Navigate to the Start page
8. Special functions > Attendance functions > Refresh Premier Attendance View data > Submit
9. Navigate to System reports > ADA/ADM by student
10. Select daily with code today
11. Submit


You can also review this article with the help of technical contacts in your school district as this is limited to technical contacts.


Troubleshooting Attendance (ADA/ADM)


Please let me know if this helps you or in case of further questions.



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Hi.  I am trying to search for contacts for all of my seniors last year.  I tried the instructions and it did not work.  Can you help me figure this out? I am obviously missing something.

Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @erinn_otten,


Can you please confirm if you were looking for graduated students, inactive students, or still active students? Here are a few resources that might help you with the search:


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