how do i search students that graduated up to 5 years ago?


how do i search students that graduated up to 5 years ago?



We are in the process of paying out students scholarships that graduated our school. We have an excel sheet with the names of students that we are going after. Powerschool will be the primary way that we search for the students. What is the best way to search these students? Some students graduated as far back as 2018.


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PowerSchool Champion

Graduated Students should all "live" in the Graduated Students building. Since all students there are Inactive, you will need to search for the with a / in front of the search terms.

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I am sorry but that is not working for me. 


Hi @wflores,


As @JeffG9 mentioned, you should be able to search for inactive students by using a forward slash "/" (exclude the quotes). 



You should be able to find more information in this article about Student Search.


If you continue to have difficulty, please reach out to your Designated Support Contact to further assistance.

Bishal G.
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