entering progress


entering progress

Some of our teachers are not able to go under Enter Progress where they view their entire caseload and click on each student to enter progress.  They are not able to actually enter anything in the box.  Please help asap as our period ended 10/4/19.

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Re: entering progress

Hi @PattyS4, Thank you for posting in the PowerSchool Community!


Once the progress report templates have been set up under utilities desktop | Progress Periods.

  • You will select the Academic Year and then click to Assign.
  • When the screen opens to the list of Schools and Grade Levels at each school.
  • Place a checkbox in the box next to all schools and grade levels needed. 
  • If the school and/or grades at that school do not display in the Progress Period Template Assign screen, go into INOW | School/District | Select the missing school (or school with missing grade levels) | verify that "Report to State" is checked.
  • Then click on Grading Levels and verify that the appropriate grading levels are checked for that school.

You can enter student progress in two different areas in the program.

  • Select Student Progress (the link under the student picture) to enter progress for a single selected student.
  • Select Enter Progress in the menu column to enter progress for all the students you have been assigned.
  • Use the Progress Entry Filter at the top of the screen to filter the list of students.

(Note: If you don't see Enter Progress as an item in the menu list, contact your schools SETS administrator to get it added to your security group.)

Sowmya Karmel
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